New Designs of Promotional Sticky Notes

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If you are one of those who think that sticky notes are nothing more than small strips of paper with an adhesive strip at the back, then you have probably not come across some of the hybrid improvements done on this marvellous yet simple piece of paper. Some of these innovations may seem to have been ripped straight from the pages of science fiction books, but they are real. As a matter of fact, Promotional Sticky Notes today are much less of a bundle of sticky papers than they were before.

Some of the strange configurations of sticky notes used as promotional gifts today are the following:

  • Sticky notes combined with a desktop calculator. This combines the element of computing and writing down to one platform. When writing, each page from the pad is available. The pad of sticky notes measures about 7 inches on its length and 5 inches on its width with a small calculator attached to one of the corners. This is a favourite among office employees because it combines two items in one both of which are solely needed in offices.
  • Some Promotional Sticky Notes also serve as mouse pads. The pad of sticky notes is located at the bottom of the pad and on top is still the all-important mouse pad. Businesses using this type of sticky notes and mouse pad combination are usually those selling computer products.
  • Some sticky note pads are combined with other more novel uses. Some of this includes having a sharp edge for cutting, a ruled length like a small ruler, or sticky note pad with a small trough for holding a piece of pen. These promotional products are very much like not only for their multi function but also for the amusement they cause.

Multi-function Sticky Notes Are Better?

It is the long-standing truism in promotions that a more unique the promotional material is, the greater is the number of curious people that will keep the name of the business in their minds. In simple product like Promotional Sticky Notes, any improvement to it is sure to generate interest not only toward it but also to the business that uses it for promotions. And here lies another reason for using cheaper products like sticky notes. With the small amount needed for the purchase, the products stands tall much like a giant in giving benefits to a promotional activity.

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New Designs of Promotional Sticky Notes

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This article was published on 2011/01/08